About Us

It all started being victims, and how we all got burned from scam pump groups.
Many of our experienced members were looking for fair and transparent pumps so we decided to start our own system, a community driven experience for everyone without back agreements.

Because normally there is a huge admin pre buy and you are always the dumping ground.

Never trust a group with admins and bot choosing the coin. Bots can be manipulated, it is programmed by humans. Unless the coin is pick or voted in community participation it will never be fair.

So some of us traders, started this new scam-proof concept which will be available to everyone and driven by a community voting of elite members. We vote on coins to pump so even admins and moderators have no chance of prebuy.

If you want to be part of our reality check out our website : whalespump.com and join our slack.
Read more about us at http://www.whalespump.com

Best Regards,